ROSH has been working for and with one of the fastest growing companies and brands of the world: NVIDIA.

Years ago ROSH shifted from Mac to PC due to the high performance demands the creative agency ROSH had. Swift workflows, low render times and instant GPU and RTX usage allowed ROSH to work the way they wanted to work.

ROSH found a new solemate in NVIDIA and so did the graphics cards making giant.

Several projects together followed.
Check out the showreel below and scroll down to dive in a little deeper.


During Europe’s biggest free festival De Vierdaagsefeesten in Nijmegen we added gaming to the line-up of this huge event.

Together with Omen by HP & Intel, powered by NVIDIA & Megekko we did this cool activation ‘Cyber Cafe’ that took visitors on a gaming journey from the 90’s until now in a prepped expandable trailer by MasterXP.


With the Beyond Fast campaign we showed the difference between a regular graphics card and a NVIDIA RTX Geforce card.

Way faster render times, sharper graphics and no headaches for designers like us 🙂


Digital artist Warbb did a 3D Motion designer contest with NVIDIA.
Warbb shared a 3D filed of the 3D version of himself sitting in a clear environment. The challenge was to take this file and create your own (Warbb)world.
As an example Warbb created his world with his signature character Grizbby playing the main part.
The winners of the contest, from left to right 1,2,3, received cool NVIDIA prices.


RTX Studio let’s us work efficient and faster. Check out the projects we did working with RTX Studio.
Awesome work for Pepsi x Champions League x Camila Cabello in coorporation with digital artist Warbb.
And full on 3D design for Dutch football club FC Utrecht and major sports brand Nike, releasing there new away kit of that season.
Diablo ROSH Blizzard


ROSH, in collaboration with Nvidia, created an influencer marketing campaign for Activision Blizzard’s launch of Diablo IV. This campaign highlights the latest Nvidia technology, including the new DLSS 3.5.

This campaign combined interaction with a showcase of Diablo IV, motivating viewers to find codes by watching their favorite streamers, searching on Nvidia’s websites, and visiting partner websites. With these codes, viewers were able to enter a raffle with the prize being a fully customized Diablo IV computer.


We took on the to challenge to actually display our creativity with a Digital Out Of Home activation for NVIDIA. In a ‘huge’ way… a big screen in down town of Dutch Capital Amsterdam.

With this content piece, we aim to speak to a much wider audience than usual and explain to them visually what NVIDIA is and how it will improve your flow in different scenarios.


Verder, sneller en méér met AI op RTX

Ervaar ongekende AI-prestaties met GeForce RTX™ en NVIDIA RTX™ grafische kaarten.

Van ongekende creativiteit en productiviteit tot razendsnelle games:
RTX biedt ultieme AI-kracht op Windows-pc’s.